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December 15 2017

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Well known drag queen Potassa in the legendary nightclub Studio 54 (1977).

If only I had a time machine.

November 04 2017

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Most men love women who possess confidence only when it makes them fun, flirty, and comfortable in their sexuality. But the second you demonstrate high standards, a strong will, and the assertiveness required to call them out of their bullshit then all of a sudden you’re a bitch.

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From the series Jazz Alley, Portrait of a Chicago Community (1966-1976) by Jimmy Ellis and Kevin Harris

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A baby elephant says hello.

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Erica Sinclair’s sassiness appreciation post.

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lachryphagy is the term used to describe the behaviour of tear drinking in nature, typically in environments - like the purvian amazon shown here - where sodium and other micronutrients are hard to find. 

bees and butterflies need sodium for egg production and metabolic purposes, but their diets of nectar are low in salt. so the orange julia and sulfur yellow butterflies you see here turn to the salty tears of often stationary turtles and caiman. 

and though the caiman and turtles seem to receive no reciprocal benefit from the interaction, they’re apparently happy enough to just help out. (x, x, x, x, x, x)

November 03 2017

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Hello, 911? Yes I’d like to report a murder

November 02 2017

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Vanity (1984)

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Prince’s Clothes, My Name Is Prince Exhibition, London

Source: https://twitter.com/purplehassan

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Found at a value village in Washington
It scared me so I had to submit it.

This submission brought to you by the letter P.

November 01 2017

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GQ Encyclopedia of Matt Damon, his Bourne co-star Julia Stiles begins to tell the story of their encounter with Prince:


add “I live inside my own heart, Matt Damon” to the things I will now commonly say that nobody will understand

“Pedestrian small talk” ha i love it 😂

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Here’s what Donald Trump doesn’t want you to know: ACA open enrollment begins TODAY!

Spread the word and #GetCovered.

Image Description:

A tweet from Andy Slavitt at 1:05 AM on November 1st, 2017 that says: It’s on! 2018 ACA enrollment has begun. 80% can find plans under $75/month. Go to healthcare.gov. Spread the word. [link]

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